As a first step, it is necessary to identify the products and systems and to inventory the data elements and systems that are used to generate the metrics.


Categorize the systems and data elements into clusters and map them to the system of record for each element.


Determine the starting point of the data quality at a system level and identify the gaps in the current system.

Improve confidence in your data

Data profiling is a process of analyzing the quality of data with respect to key dimensions like completeness, consistency, conformity and duplicates. The analysis process can be conducted across multiple domains that may involve different types of information.

How can you benefit?

  • Gain insights into the existing as-is state of data quality metrics
  • Identify the degree of conformance of data to internally defined business rules (pre-defined business rules for Consumer Finance)
  • Review the likely business impacts of data quality issues on business processes and system interfaces
  • Devise a plan of action on data cleansing and remediation program
  • Define a roadmap for ongoing data health assessment based on the company's strategic objectives and governance charters

How we can help?

  • Proven expertise in helping clients uncover the key pain points as part of the data profiling exercise
  • Handle profiling from two aspects subjective assessment through which we cover the key business aspects with pre-defined questionnaires focusing on Consumer Finance
  • Objective assessment of the underlying data vis extended data profiling

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