It is highly likely you have multiple repositories and solutions before the data is leveraged. Our Data Model assessment services benefit firms making their first attempt at implementing a common data model, as well as firms that already have an existing data model and wish to assess their model implementation.


Pinion can ensure that your data model implementation has a solid foundation. We will evaluate your firm's readiness to put a common data model in place and develop an effective strategy for doing so.

Packaged Models

Consumer Finance industry data models serve as reference blue print to a consumer finance organization's information. Whether you're building a house or designing a data warehouse foundation data layer, models can help you on the details that could influence the design of the consumption layer.

About This Service

Our expert consultants will work with your organization's management team to architect a feasible, well-defined project scope, develop justification, and create a blueprint for future project stages.

If your organization already has a data model in place, Pinion can offer an assessment that will identify potential growth points from which to expand your existing capabilities. Pinion's Industry Model implementation consultants will collaborate with your technical teams to assess your current data environment, evaluate its architecture, and ensure that your firm's abilities align with the industry's vectors and Data Modeling needs. We aim to assist you in crafting a smart, workable plan for ongoing investment in your existing or new implementations.

Service Offerings

What is my starting point for an assessment?
  • The top-priority business requirements for your firm's general, reporting, and analytic or regulatory data needs
  • The data architecture, and the data-integration architecture to determine their ability to support the identified requirements
  • Creating a blueprint based on your firm's data realities and business priorities to assure that the DW/BI environment is on par with your firm's reporting and analytic needs
What activities will be part of assessment?
  • Scrutinizing executive commitment, critical business requirements, and core technical issues
  • Moderating a management session to review findings, reach consensus regarding priorities, and secure commitment to comply with a reference blueprint
  • Suggesting an approach for providing enhanced BI/DW capabilities, including overarching methodology, data architecture, and project scope
How do I deploy high quality data assets?
  • Define and establish a data modeling and data administration process using a data modeling tool and setup data model version control repository
  • Give your stakeholders an integrated view of conceptual, logical and physical data models, so both business and technical users can collaborate across your enterprise
  • Use data models to define and deploy your enterprise data standards

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