As a first step, map the data between sources and targets and create a reusable artifacts for development and test teams.


Structuring and designing the jobs is an essential part before the build. A reusable framework with audit, balance and control capabilities is key.

Build & Test

Deep experience of the ETL methodology and the industry prominent tools will define, guide and build and test the ETL required.

A Data Integration methodology

Effective data integration makes ongoing business growth possible. Integrating information sourced from disparate locations requires skill and care. We have the techniques, tools, and resources required to capture and rebuild data, ensuring your firm's solid, long-term systems structure.

Bring data together from a variety of sources and transform it into meaningful information that works with the current system architecture. Create a sturdy, scalable, functional information platform that both stands up to and enables swiftly evolving transaction needs. Pinion is uniquely positioned to provide data-integration services that ensure your firm's maximum return on investment.

We offer the following advantages:

  • Detailed expertise in implementing business-intelligence integration and data-warehousing blueprints
  • Proven proficiency with the foremost data-integration platforms, including Informatica, SAP BODS, MS BI and IBM Infosphere suites
  • Familiarity with a broad range of database architectures and technologies
  • A cross-disciplinary perspective on data integration
  • Nimble delivery methods that offer both immediate and incremental benefits

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