It is highly likely you have multiple repositories and solutions before the data is leveraged. Our Data Model assessment services benefit firms making their first attempt at implementing a common data model, as well as firms that already have an existing data model and wish to assess their model implementation.


Pinion can ensure that your data model implementation has a solid foundation. We will evaluate your firm's readiness to put a common data model in place and develop an effective strategy for doing so.

Packaged Models

Consumer Finance industry data models serve as reference blue print to a consumer finance organization's information. Whether you're building a house or designing a data warehouse foundation data layer, models can help you on the details that could influence the design of the consumption layer.

An Integration Layer Data Model

A blue print that you can refer to is very important when you are buidling an integration layer of a data repository. Our data model with focus on Consumer Finance industry can be the reference data model.

Our consumer finance reference data model is developed and evolved from our practical work experiences with multiple organizations. It is an integrated, cross-functional model that provides an enterprise-wide view of data and serves to be a good foundation layer data structure. It's a comprehensive, flexible blueprint of how your data is organized and provides structure that allows you to manage your information. The data model is easily extendable by adding entities or sets of attributes to help you avoid costly re-designs.

The Data Model subject areas provide a single-source view into sales, marketing, financial and risk management data that can help deliver cost savings across your business in areas including:

  • Comprehensive Data Dictionary
  • Improved consolidated reporting
  • Improved ROI
  • Customer Master management
  • Call Center Operations Performance
  • Risk management
  • Finance and performance management

Service Offerings

How can I use a packaged data model?

An accelerator that can act as a reference blueprint and that will become the starting point and do not have to start on a blank paper.

A predefined data dictionary with detailed definitions that can be applied or customized to your business.

A data model will be created in a tool of your choice and provide self-service reporting with built-in data dictionary.

A packaged data model is only half the job.

Mapping your source system is a critical task when using a packaged data model.

Our subject matter experts have the experience and knowledge about consumer finance and the data model that can expedite the mapping to your source systems.

We would also conduct data profiling activity to assess your data fitment and make adjustments to the model as required.

How do I get the data moved and tested?

There is not a work around at this time for ETL (We are working on it).

We will provide you with the core structural validation scripts so that you do not have to start testing from scratch

The model enables you for audit readiness by defining standard KPIs

Reduces the time to develop based on a consumer finance services business requirements.

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