Pinion’s team of highly skilled consulting professionals understands the full system lifecycle. Our staff boasts both expertise and field experience: most of our team members have more than 15 years of experience in their respective domains, and the VisionPLUS consultants in our payment solution services domain have an average of six years of experience in the field.

Pinion’s information management services team members have completed multiple successful business-analytics implementations. Our industry-model implementation team members and resources bring to the table practical implementation experience with IBM’s Banking Data Warehouse (BDW) and Insurance Information Warehouse (IIW).

Our consultants’ combined business and technical prowess allows us to provide complete solutions for your projects. Pinion’s resources reach across the world, with an additional off-shore team of professionals available to support your project’s development.

The Benefits of an on-shore, near-shore and off-shore resourcing

Pinion’s resourcing model combines on-shore and near-shore resources with an off-shore development capability based in India. This diversified expertise pool enables us to be highly responsive to our customer needs and to provide quality solutions at extremely competitive prices.

Our resources comprise project managers, business analysts, and a select group of highly skilled technicians. The majority of these consultants hold U.S. and UK passports, allowing Pinion to deploy them on short notice almost anywhere in Europe and the States.

Once Pinion clearly understands your project’s requirements, we leverage our resource pool to drive the overall project cost down. The use of near-shore and off-shore resources also enables us to ramp resource infusion up and down quickly to match our clients’ needs.

Pinion’s international scope enables us to use time-zone differences to the client’s advantage, providing extended working days—and our dual-center approach means that in the unlikely event of a connectivity failure we can still service our clients from our other facility.

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