Pinion’s consultants are a top-notch, highly skilled team of experts. Our consultants have accrued many years of collective experience in the areas that matter to your firm’s success: the financial-services industry, payment systems, and mainframe project development. Prior to joining Pinion, many of our consultants had already forged successful careers with large international credit providers, processors, and package vendors.

postilion Pinion consultants possess a proven global track record of success. They have helped businesses worldwide launch new financial products or convert from their old legacy systems to start-of-the-art software solutions. They boast in-depth knowledge of bankcard, private-label credit card, sales finance, and loans products, as well as the technologies that support them. In addition, they are experts in a wide variety of software solutions, particularly VisionPlus, CardPac, and Postilion. Pinion’s projects have included sales-finance launches in Mexico; bankcard implementation in the UK, India, and Russia; auto-loans migrations in Latvia; and set-up and support for private-label credit cards, bankcards, and loans in Denmark.

Pinion can deploy its outstanding pool of business analysts, system designers and project managers individually or as part of a larger consulting team to provide your company with quality turn-key solutions.


VisionPlus Over the years, Pinion has helped customers in 14 different countries implement VisionPLUS. We have provided resources and services to major card processors on a regular basis.

Many of Pinion’s consultants have been working with VisionPLUS since the mid-1990s. Thanks to our vast experience in the consumer-finance industry and our detailed knowledge of VisionPLUS control parameters, our customers can leverage Vision’s rich functionality with a minimum of customization. Our expertise spans the full range of VisionPLUS modules, and we are capable of supporting both the mainframe and AS400 versions.

Prior customers return to us regularly for further support with technical upgrades and new product launches. The services we provide include:

  • Consultancy
  • Requirements gathering
  • Control-record workshops
  • Control-record workshops
  • Custom code development
  • Integration of VisionPLUS into the local environment
  • Conversion to and from VisionPLUS

Bankcard (Debit + Credit)

VisionPlus Pinion is an expert when it comes to bankcard implementation. We have substantial Visa and MasterCard support experience, as well as in-depth knowledge of all the processes associated with bankcard issuing and acquisition:

  • Card and PIN creation
  • Authorizations
  • Settlement and clearing
  • Identity-theft response

Pinion recently provided project management and functional support for a major MasterCard launch in the UK. Pinion also oversaw all the IT activities associated with a MasterCard launch in India, including owning the relationship with MasterCard on the client’s behalf, completing the relevant documentation requirements, and pursuing the certification process. MasterCard lauded the project as one of the quickest and smoothest card launches in its history.

Pinion has also provided consultancy and development support for PIN and card production (magnetic stripe and smart cards) for a number of European banks.


VisionPlus Pinion has broad and deep mastery of data-encryption standards and has supported various global clients in configuring DES and TDES on both software and hardware platforms. Pinion’s consultants are experts at using packaged card-security solutions and industry-specific hardware-security modules. Our consultants have also developed a variety of in-house solutions using Thales® HSMs.

Pinion can support credit, debit, and prepaid cards for banks, third-party bankcard processors, retail chains, and card manufacturers, producing cards with industry-specific security standards established by Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® and others.

Pinion supports the generation and verification of security codes such as CVVs, CVV2s, CVCs, CVC2s, CSCs, CAVVs, PVVs, PINs, PIN offsets, and PIN blocks (used for magnetic-stripe and chip cards). The Pinion team also supports EMV2000 standards for chip-card processing, such as ARQC, ARPC, TC, AAC, SDA, and DDA.

Numerous banks around the world rely on Pinion’s end-to-end cryptographic solutions. Pinion has ensured the security of numerous financial institutions’ card-processing systems by designing strategies for managing business-critical keys. For more information, please visit Key Management and Strategy.

EMV Enabling

VisionPlus Pinion has provided crucial support for chip-card implementations in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, and Hungary, playing a key role in designing and implementing solutions to support the issuing and acquisition of EMV cards.

This role included originations, the production of embosser files, PIN printing, card activation, authorizing EMV transactions, clearing, and scripting. Scripting-capability implementation supports the update of CRM parameters, blocking the application and unblocking of PINs.


VisionPlus Pinion has led projects that interface VisionPlus with numerous local switches and acquirers and subsequently achieved client certification. These local switches include Muzo (Czech Republic), Euronet (Hungary), Prosa (Mexico), PBS (Denmark), and Polcard (Poland).

Pinion has also garnered MasterCard and Visa certification on behalf of clients in a number of countries. During a recent project in India, Pinion was fully responsible for the certification process. Pinion owned the relationship with MasterCard on the client’s behalf, completing the necessary documentation, fulfilling the agreed-upon testing requirements, and running simulator scripts. The certification process, from the initial engagement with MasterCard to the final sign-off, required just four months. MasterCard ranked the project as its smoothest, swiftest certification process ever.


VisionPlus Pinion has a long-standing working relationship with S1 Corporation and provides support to clients using the Postilion software system. Pinion’s in-depth knowledge of Postilion (Realtime, PostCard, and Office) has enabled numerous financial institutions and EFT service providers to implement Postilion on time and within budget.

Pinion has worked with Postilion in both issuing and acquiring (ATM & POS) settings and has designed Postilion interfaces for local switches, legacy systems, banking systems, and mobile banking facilities. Pinion has extensive knowledge of Postilion’s MasterCard, Visa, IFSF, and custom-source/sink nodes.

Postilion Capabilities

Pinion Services Limited has extensive experience with the Postilion environment. Our company’s expert service and in-depth knowledge extend to the following Postilion areas:

  • Project management
  • Functional and technical consulting
  • Infrastructure design and support
  • Application design and support
  • Testing services
  • Environment management
  • Capacity planning
  • Production support
  • System audits and documentation services
  • Disaster-recovery support
  • Scheme compliance
Scheme Compliance

VisionPlus Pinion has helped a number of banks implement the VisionPlus twice-yearly compliance releases.

Pinion’s support level ranges from executing tests devised by the client to overseeing the entire compliance-release process. The latter involves the following steps:

  • Analyzing the content of the compliance release
  • Identifying which changes will affect the client
  • Developing a full range of test scripts for the release
  • Retrofitting local customizations
  • Executing the tests using Visa/MasterCard simulators
  • Executing the tests using Visa/MasterCard simulators
Portfolio Conversions

VisionPlus Over the years our consultants have been involved in numerous conversions. We understand the issues and can help you formulate your conversion strategy. We also understand that conversion is much more than a technical exercise.

It will impact the whole of your business. We can advise you on cut-over procedures and the development of new process maps. We will partner with you to complete the data mapping and the design of the reconciliation procedures.

We have tools which will assist in the identification and cleansing of data anomalies. Having designed and built the conversion programs we have the tools and a methodology which will take the testing from sample files, through full size dummy runs, and on to dress rehearsals and implementation.

Pinion has been involved in conversions to VisionPLUS from

  • CTL’s Prime
  • CFund’s Issuer and Merchant systems
  • Cardpac
  • Alliance’s TFS system
  • In-house systems.

We have also converted a portfolio from Visionplus to Banqsoft’s View 21.

ISO 8583 Interfaces

VisionPlus Using the ISO 8583 messaging standard for financial transactions, Pinion has developed interfaces to every bankcard association and the various country-specific switches (for example, those of Mexico and Japan). Pinion has innovated interfaces using the ISO 8583 framework for authorizations, clearing, settlement, card production, and PIN production.

Pinion’s consultants boast in-depth competency in ISO 8583 formats (87 & 93). Our team also has knowledge of and exposure to ISO 8583-based IFSF (International Forecourt Standard Forum) messages. Pinion has used ISO 8583 to implement interfaces between host systems and the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Base-24, Postilion, Arksys, PBS, Link, and Sumitomo systems. The interfaces designed and developed by Pinion process more than a million transactions each day.

System Performance Tuning

VisionPlus Badly performing systems can undermine your business, leading to poor customer service and unnecessary hardware upgrades.

Pinion has mastered systems-performance tuning. Our consultants have improved back-office system function at a number of European banks by tuning the memory, storage, and CPU-utilization performance of these institutions’ online transactions, web services, and batch processes.

Some of our recent successes:

Re-engineering the statementing process for a Russian bank. We reduced the data-storage requirements by 6 terabytes and the elapsed run time by 5.5 hours. The net result? A reduction in data processing costs of $120,000 per annum.

A bank project in which we reduced the main posting program’s elapsed time from four hours to under 30 minutes. As with the Russian bank, we achieved this speed-up without increasing the resource-utilization load for the process.

The redesign of a real-time banking interface to improve transaction volume from 3TPS to 14TPS under the same circumstances.

At Pinion, we provide fast, effective solutions. Let us help you avoid the cost of unnecessary upgrades.

Production Support

VisionPlus Pinion can administer your production and operations support. We provide the technical resources needed to minimize costs while keeping your operations running smoothly. At Pinion, we create service-level agreements customized to the critical needs of your business, then monitor our performance closely to ensure compliance with these agreements and guarantee the continuity of critical systems and processes.

An example: Since 2005, Pinion has offered production and operations support to a Russian bank offering sales finance, personal loans, and Visa cards to more than 800,000 customers. Pinion provides the bank with the following services:

  • 24/7 production-system support
  • Production-system monitoring
  • Emergency solutions and troubleshooting for production problems, ensuring online-service continuity
  • Completion of the batch update to strict service-level-agreement (SLA) specifications

Pinion also takes responsibility for the twice-yearly compliance releases issued by a software vendor . This process entails retrofitting the changes to the local customizations, completing comprehensive testing, and meeting the implementation timescales dictated by the bankcard associations. Pinion has been proactive in proposing improvements to the production service; our implemented changes have achieved a 30% reduction in batch run times.

Software Installation & Management

VisionPlus Since 2005, Pinion has managed the testing environment and software for numerous banks, taking software from multiple suppliers, ensuring that it conforms to coding standards, and controlling its migration through the various testing environment using Changeman.

Pinion manages five different testing environments, running tests on demand and providing fixes to ensure that the tests conform to strict SLA standards. For one customer, Pinion’s suggested changes to the way Changeman is configured and run have dramatically reduced the resources and time required for compiling code. The customer has adopted these changes as a standard for all its subsidiaries.

Pinion has created a number of tools that support the creation of test environments and test data. Tools supporting the building of new test environments from existing environments include the specification of selection criteria, extraction of all records associated with accounts that satisfy the criteria, depersonalization of sensitive customer information, and loading of the relevant data into the new environment. Details about our full range of tools can be found on our Testing Services page.

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