About Us

Pinion is a professional services firm focused primarily on payment-solutions technologies and information management. Our services include technology and process consulting, design, implementation, integration, deployment, education, and support.

We specialize in:

  • Providing solutions for financial organizations using packaged payment software such as VisionPLUS (Versions 8 and 2.56), CardPac, Base24, Postilion, and others. We also provide expertise in a number of specialist areas such as cryptography, Visa, MasterCard, Europay, Base24, and local switch interface certifications.
  • Providing information management services services to the financial services industry in the banking and insurance domains. Our expertise is in end-to-end enterprise information management solution implementation using IBM Banking Data Warehouse (IFW/BDW) and Insurance Information Warehouse (IAA/IIW).

Pinion has an impressive track record of successful implementations in Europe, the United States, South America, and Asia. Our team of highly skilled consultants and engineers boasts many years of industry and software-specific experience. Their knowledge, combined with our off-shore capability, positions us to provide quality solutions at competitive prices. Our services and solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs.

Pinion’s industry reputation is top-notch, thanks to our staff of consultants who have become leading specialists in their fields. Our expertise, product knowledge, and thorough grounding in a proven methodology ensure smooth, successful implementations for our clients.

In this new economic environment, successful businesses capture value by acting quickly and decisively. Making the most of your investments can provide the resiliency you need to respond to changing market conditions. Our rock-solid track record and unmatched service quality create the firmest of foundations for a fruitful partnership.

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